Friday, February 25, 2011

Ps2 review: Timesplitters

My very first review ever, Woohoo! Ok so Timesplitters for ps2 came out in 2000 and it looks very dated. But still, its super fun to play with a friend when you got nothing better to do. Lets start with the campaign mode. Up to two players can play this cooperatively on 3 different difficulty modes so grab a friend and reserve an afternoon. This is a game were you travel through time periods spanning a century  ( 1935 and 2035 ) to grab objects specific to the location of the level. Once you find this object timesplitters will start spawning around you. These are evil mutant creatures from the future. You must then run back to the exit portal. This portal is right were you spawn. You play the campaign in sets of three stages. One is a very old setting, for example, there is one by the pyramides. The second is modern and the last one is futuristic! By beating campaign missions you unlock maps, settings and characters for arcade mode. But the campaign is not the strong point of this game. Arcade mode is. If this game were a pig, then arcade mode would be the bacon. When you access this game mode you have many settings to play with for customizing multiplayer matches. You can play on the maps you unlocked by playing campaign or even play the ones you made with the mapmaker tool. You can play many different game modes like: Deathmatch, BagTag, Capture the bag, KnockOut, LastStand and Escort on most maps. You can also choose how many bots you wanna play with, what weapons you spawn with and there are lots of settings you can play with to change the gameplay. As I am getting to the end of this review I would just like to mention the awsome mapmaker tool that is in this game. With this you can make your very own maps! You can have multiple stories on your structures too. There are lots of little things you can add like lighting effects. The map I play on the most is actually a map I made myself called "ALIEN RAVE CLUB". This is a small close quarters map with lots of multicolour strobe lights everywhere! Anyways, to finish up this review I would like to say that the multiplayer is what you would be playing most, not just because the campaign is very plain, but because its freakin' fun as hell! Thats it for my first review, leave a comment about anything you might want to know about the game or random questions. I will answer them all and it would be prodigious if ya guys can "follow" this blog! This game ranks 7/10 PurpDranks.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just bought some new games!

Ok this weekend I bought some new games that I can review for this blog. For the ps2 I bought: Timesplitters 1, Splinter cell chaos theory, bully and tony hawks pro skater 3. Leave a comment on which one I should review first and we will see what happens next!